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byJahanara Enam-10:39 PM GARMENTS PRODUCTION Apparel Production System: Types and Process Showing posts with the label MERCHANDISING MERCHANDISING How to Get into Buying and Merchandising as a Student byJahanara Enam-10:18 PM MERCHANDISING Importance of Communication Skills for a Merchandiser byJahanara Enam-9:55 PM MERCHANDISING Some Important INCOTERMS Used in Garment Industry byJahanara Enam-5:49 AM MERCHANDISING Role of Merchandiser in Product Development Process byJahanara Enam-8:59 AM MERCHANDISING Role of Merchandiser between Buyer and Seller byJahanara Enam-8:39 AM MERCHANDISING Job Description for Apparel Retail Merchandiser byJahanara Enam-8:45 AM MERCHANDISING How to Open Back to Back L/C in Garment Export Business byJahanara Enam-12:01 AM MERCHANDISING How to Open Master Export L/C in Garment Buying House byJahanara Enam-10:03 AM MERCHANDISING Production and Shipment System in Apparel industry byJahanara Enam-11:05 AM MERCHANDISING Price Quotation for Garments (Long sleeve shirt) Showing posts with the label GARMENT WASH GARMENT WASH Working Principle of Top Loading Washing Machine byJahanara Enam-10:13 PM GARMENT WASH Dry Cleaning Versus Wet Cleaning for Clothes byJahanara Enam-9:58 PM GARMENT WASH What is Tinting and Overdyeing | Procedure of Tinting of Garments byJahanara Enam-8:47 PM GARMENT WASH Stone Washing Process byJahanara Enam-7:55 PM GARMENT WASH Enzyme Washing Process of Denim Garments byJahanara Enam-7:36 PM GARMENT WASH Stone Wash on Denim Garments byJahanara Enam-8:19 PM GARMENT WASH Super White Wash on Cotton Garments byJahanara Enam-10:44 AM GARMENT WASH Acid Wash Procedure on Denim Jeans Showing posts with the label WEAVING WEAVING Raw Materials for Terry Towel Manufacturing byJahanara Enam-11:04 PM WEAVING Textile Sizing: Important Process of Weaving Preparation byJahanara Enam-2:53 AM WEAVING Difference between Winding and Warping YARN Fancy Yarn: Classification, Merits, Demerits and Uses byJahanara Enam-10:12 PM YARN Combing Process in Spinning byJahanara Enam-10:34 AM YARN Jute Yarn Manufacturing Process byJahanara Enam-10:51 PM YARN Yarn Manufacturing Process byJahanara Enam-11:01 AM YARN Analysis of Textile Filament Yarn and the Yarn Size System byJahanara Enam-7:27 AM TEXTILE TESTING How to Identify the Substance of Textile Yarn Showing posts with the label MARKER CUTTING How to Make a Lay Planning in Cutting Room byJahanara Enam-10:21 AM MARKER Types of Lay Planning in Apparel Industry byJahanara Enam-12:14 PM MARKER Marker Making Methods in Apparel Industry Showing posts with the label KNITTING MACHINE KNITTING MACHINE Main Features and Parts of Knitting Machine byJahanara Enam-6:05 AM KNITTING MACHINE Working Principle of Circular Knitting Machine byJahanara Enam-1:46 AM KNITTING MACHINE Specification of Knitting Machine byJahanara Enam-5:28 AM KNITTING MACHINE Fashioning Action of the Straight bar Frame Knitting Machine Showing posts with the label SEWING MACHINE SEWING MACHINE What to Look for When Buying a Sewing Machine for Beginners byJahanara Enam-11:08 AM SEWING MACHINE Maintenance Procedure of Industrial Bartack Machine byJahanara Enam-9:46 PM SEWING MACHINE Different Types of Sewing Machine Used in Apparel Industry byJahanara Enam-12:39 AM SEWING List of Machines, Tools and Equipments of Sewing Section byJahanara Enam-6:25 AM SEWING MACHINE Basic Parts of Sewing Machine and Its Function byJahanara Enam-12:11 AM SEWING What is Sewing Needle | Function and Types of Sewing Needle Showing posts with the label FIBER FIBER Difference between Natural and Synthetic Fibers byJahanara Enam-2:21 AM FIBER Production and Classification of Man Made Fiber byJahanara Enam-11:05 PM FIBER Textile Fibers and Their Properties byJahanara Enam-9:48 AM FIBER Identification of Cotton, Jute, Flax, Wool and Silk Fiber byJahanara Enam-9:26 PM FIBER Difference between Wool and Silk Fiber Showing posts with the label PATTERN PATTERN Planning of Garments Pattern Making byJahanara Enam-8:49 AM PATTERN Importance, Techniques and Principles of Pattern Alteration byJahanara Enam-8:50 AM PATTERN Dart Manipulation Techniques for Flat Patterns byJahanara Enam-11:11 AM PATTERN How to Make Pattern for Pants or Trouser byJahanara Enam-10:53 PM PATTERN Pattern Grading Methods in Apparel byJahanara Enam-12:30 AM GARMENTS PRODUCTION Marking and Tracing Techniques Used in Garment Making byJahanara Enam-9:10 AM PATTERN Methods of Pattern Making in Apparel Industry byJahanara Enam-4:47 AM GARMENTS PRODUCTION Uses of Pattern in Garment Industry