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FOR MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES IN SRI LANKA ->> www.systematic7.com (with Easy Payments And Customisation) Apparel | Fabric | production | Manufacturing | Garment | Woven | Textile | industry | technical terms | Zone | chemical | industry | BOI | www.systematic7.com | software system covers | ERP | Application | App | ERP | software package | monitor | accessory a supplementary component that improves capability accolade a tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction adjustment the act of making something different adopt take into one's family advance move forward affect have an influence upon affectation a deliberate pretense or exaggerated display allure the power to entice or attract alteration the act of revising antique made in or typical of earlier times and valued for its age apparel clothing in general appeal earnest or urgent request applaud clap one's hands or shout to indicate approval applique a decorative design made of one material sewn over another appraise consider in a comprehensive way array an impressive display or assortment artificial contrived by art rather than nature attire clothing of a distinctive style or for a particular occasion attract exert a force on attractive pleasing to the eye or mind as through beauty or charm audience a gathering of spectators or listeners at a performance availability the quality of being at hand when needed avid marked by active interest and enthusiasm award give, especially as an honor bargain an agreement between parties fixing obligations of each becoming displaying or setting off to best advantage blend mix together different elements bodice part of a dress above the waist bold fearless and daring boutique a shop that sells women's clothes and jewelry braid make by interlacing brand a name given to a product or service brocade thick expensive material with a raised pattern bulky of large size for its weight bustle move or cause to move energetically or busily button a round fastener sewn to shirts and coats career the particular occupation for which you are trained casual without or seeming to be without plan or method; offhand catwalk a narrow pathway high in the air celebrity the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed cheap relatively low in price or charging low prices classic of recognized authority or excellence client someone who pays for goods or services collection the act of gathering something together combination the act of bringing things together to form a new whole comfortable providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief commercial connected with or engaged in the exchange of goods competition the act of contending with others for rewards or resources condition a mode of being or form of existence of a person or thing conformity correspondence in form, type, or appearance conservation careful management of the environment and natural resources conservative resistant to change construction the act of building something consumer a person who uses goods or services contemporary occurring in the same period of time cosmetic serving an esthetic rather than a useful purpose couture high fashion designing and dressmaking creative having the ability or power to invent or make something current occurring in or belonging to the present time darn repair a garment by weaving thread across a hole decorative serving an ornamental rather than a useful purpose delivery voluntary transfer of something from one party to another demand request urgently and forcefully department a specialized division of a large organization design the act of working out the form of something designer someone who creates plans to be used in making something desirable worth having or seeking or achieving device an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose devise arrange by systematic planning and united effort devotee an ardent follower and admirer dimension a construct distinguishing objects or individuals direction a line leading to a place or point display something intended to communicate a particular impression distinctive of a feature that helps to identify a person or thing dominate be in control dramatic characteristic of a stage performance edge a line determining the limits of an area effect a phenomenon that is caused by some previous phenomenon effective producing or capable of producing an intended result elaborate marked by complexity and richness of detail elegance a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste embellish make more attractive, as by adding ornament or color embroidery decorative needlework emphasis intensity or forcefulness of expression enhance increase ensemble an assemblage of parts considered as forming a whole enthusiastic having or showing great excitement and interest eponymous relating to a name derived from a person especial surpassing what is common or usual or expected etiquette rules governing socially acceptable behavior exclusive admitting or accepting only a particular group expensive high in price or charging high prices experiment the act of conducting a controlled test or investigation extension act of expanding in scope extraordinary highly unusual or exceptional or remarkable extreme of the greatest possible degree, extent, or intensity fad an interest followed with exaggerated zeal fashion the latest and most admired style in clothes or behavior favor an act of gracious kindness feature a prominent attribute or aspect of something fiber a slender and elongated substance that can be spun into yarn financial involving fiscal matters finery elaborate or showy attire and accessories flamboyant tending to attract attention; marked by ostentatious display flatter praise somewhat dishonestly flawless without a weakness or defect focus the concentration of attention or energy on something formal in accord with established conventions and requirements fragrance a pleasingly sweet olfactory property frequently many times at short intervals fringe an ornamental border of short lengths of hanging threads frivolous not serious in content or attitude or behavior frock a one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice frumpy drab, old-fashioned, and unattractive function what something is used for fur dense coat of fine silky hairs on mammals genius unusual mental ability gild a formal association of people with similar interests glossy reflecting light guide someone employed to conduct others guru a Hindu or Buddhist religious leader and spiritual teacher halt cause to stop horizontal parallel to or in the plane of the horizon or a base line hue the quality of a color determined by its dominant wavelength illustration a visual representation to make a subject easy to understand imaginative marked by independence and creativity in thought or action immediate directly before or after as in a chain of cause and effect impeccable without fault or error imprint mark or stamp with or as if with pressure independent free from external control and constraint indicator a device for showing the operating condition of some system indispensable essential industry the action of making of goods and services for sale influence a power to affect persons or events innovate bring something new to an environment inspection a formal or official examination inspiration arousal of the mind to unusual activity or creativity intricate having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate item a distinct part that can be specified separately in a group Jersey the largest of the Channel Islands jewelry an adornment made of precious metals and set with gems knit make by needlework with interlacing yarn lace a cord that is drawn through eyelets or around hooks Lens genus of small erect or climbing herbs with pinnate leaves and small inconspicuous white flowers and small flattened pods: lentils limit as far as something can go luxurious furnishing gratification to the senses luxury something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity mainstream the prevailing current of thought manufacture put together out of artificial or natural components matron a married woman who is staid and dignified maven one who is very skilled in or knowledgeable about a field measurement assigning numbers to phenomena according to a rule minimalist a conservative advocating only minor reforms in government mode how something is done or how it happens model a representation of something, often on a smaller scale modern ahead of the times modest marked by simplicity; having a humble opinion of yourself modification the act of making something different modish in the current fashion or style motif a recurrent element in a literary or artistic work movement change of position that does not entail a change of location niche a small concavity noteworthy worthy of attention omnipresent existing everywhere at once original preceding all others in time ornamentation the act of adding extraneous decorations to something ostentatious intended to attract notice and impress others outrageous greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation palette a board on which an artist mixes paints paparazzo a freelance photographer who pursues celebrities parasol a handheld collapsible source of shade passe out of fashion pattern a perceptual structure phenomenon any state or process known through the senses photograph a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print plumage the covering of feathers on a bird ply use diligently popular regarded with great favor or approval by the general public pose assume a bearing as for artistic purposes posture the arrangement of the body and its limbs practical guided by experience and observation rather than theory precise sharply exact or accurate or delimited prediction a statement made about the future preference the right or chance to choose Price United States operatic soprano (born 1927) production the act or process of making something prominent conspicuous in position or importance proportion relation with respect to comparative quantity or magnitude provenance where something originated or was nurtured purchase acquire by means of a financial transaction purse a container used for carrying money and small personal items quantity how much there is or how many there are of something recognition identifying something or someone by remembering replicate reproduce or make an exact copy of represent be a delegate or spokesperson for request express the need or desire for; ask for resistance any mechanical force that tends to retard or oppose motion restoration returning something or someone to a satisfactory state retail the selling of goods to consumers revealing showing or making known review look at again; examine again rivalry the act of competing as for profit or a prize ruffle stir up (water) so as to form ripples savvy the ability to shrewdly understand or judge things shape a perceptual structure sheer so thin as to transmit light shift move very slightly signature your name written in your own handwriting simple having few parts; not complex or complicated or involved society an extended group having a distinctive cultural organization sophisticated having worldly knowledge and refinement spat a quarrel about petty points staff a strong rod or stick with a specialized utilitarian purpose stock a supply of something available for future use stretch extend one's limbs or muscles, or the entire body stride walk with long steps strut walk with a lofty proud gait style how something is done or how it happens stylish having elegance or taste or refinement in manners or dress substitute a person or thing that can take the place of another subtle difficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyze synthetic a compound made artificially by chemical reactions tailor a person whose occupation is making and altering garments talent natural abilities or qualities tapestry a wall hanging of heavy fabric with pictorial designs technique a practical method or art applied to some particular task textile artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting fibers texture the feel of a surface or a fabric tone the distinctive property of a complex sound trade the commercial exchange of goods and services traditional consisting of or derived from a practice of long standing transformation the act of changing in form or shape or appearance trend a general tendency to change, as of opinion triumph a successful ending of a struggle or contest tunic loose fitting cloak or blouse extending to the hips or knees typify embody the essential characteristics of understate represent as less significant or important unique the single one of its kind unsuitable not meant or adapted for a particular purpose upscale appropriate for people with good incomes urban relating to a city or densely populated area value the quality that renders something desirable variety a category of things distinguished by a common quality veil a garment that covers the head and face version something a little different from others of the same type vintage the oldness of wines visual relating to or using sight vogue a current state of general acceptance and use wardrobe a piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothes weave pattern or structure of a fabric