Custom Software Development

The Software industry has developed immensely in recent years. Yet there is a lot to be desired even with all the technology we pour into software. Custom Software Development can fill the gap that is developed for absolutely different users around the world. Let’s put it in a simple way, Custom Software Development is a program that is customized according to the needs of people. Custom Software is most popular in the field of billing in diversified areas like stores, shopping malls, hospitals. You have also seen hospitals keeping a record of the patients, vendors tracking their profits, schools and colleges assisting details of admission to the students. All these are managed through Custom Software.

We at Systematic7 Enterprises develop custom software solutions, specially tailored for your business. We know that different businesses have different needs that require exclusive solutions to accomplish these requirements. We are reliable and have an experienced team with different skills. You get a customized solution that is ideally suited to the needs of your business. We follow a flexible and proven methodology so that we can adequately manage and create a quality product. We help with development including analysis, design, testing and implementation. Are you looking for high quality custom software development services? Well, it looks like we are a good match and can help if you.

We provide custom software services in the following areas:

Application Development and Maintenance

Our application development services help you evolve your technology challenges by defining, building and designing applications tailored to meet your business requirements. Our application maintenance services help to maximize your existing applications through analysis, maintenance and enhancement. This service offers a vast range of support for various platforms and technologies.

Development of portals for Intranet and Extranet

Intranet is a proven way to manage the flow of communication with employees within a corporation working in multiple locations while Extranet allows business-to-business transactions with clients and partners outside the corporation. Intranets, Extranets and Web Portals allow information to be delivered through a standard browser. We develop customized Intranets, Extranets and Web Portals for your business. Our experts work to drive real business value including increased productivity and efficiency.

Rich Internet Application Development

We provide RIA services that transforms any web application into interactive and user friendly interface. Our expertise lies in utilizing open source frameworks and manages your project costs and maintains efficiency. We ensure enterprise level applications and also control maintenance costs.

Legacy System Migration

Legacy information systems are generally the main vehicle of an organization’s information flow. Their failure can have a serious impact on business. The benefits of Legacy System Migration are real and immediate. These are mandatory to keep up with competitors. We help to significantly improve and replace the limitations of older technologies with the enhanced functionality of the new ones. We offer true flexibility that can meet real business needs.

E-Commerce Development

We help you build and improvise online sales for maximum profit. We are one of the best open source systems as we offer the striking design to set the look you want and enable you to make a successful store that will keep you ahead in the competitive market.