AT Systematic7

At Systematic7, the base of the foundation of growth is our values. We believe that Systematic7's long term visualization and approach for growth cannot be accomplished without a well-built foundation. These values are vital to how we provide business and how we deliver projects effectively for our customers.

We are consistent, reliable and reasonable that ultimately meets our client's individual needs. We strive for consistent delivery and accomplish the outcome we guarantee. Our communications are transparent, consistent and clear. We apply consistent global standards that leverage valuable global reach.



Change is the only thing that is constant in this fast moving and shifting era. We know that clients need change over time. So, we offer flexible engagement models customized to meet client needs. We have developed an innovative model to support our clients seamlessly. Our clients choose the engagement model that suits their needs.

We understand current and future client needs, meet client requirements and strive to exceed client expectations. The most important and core processes are those that serve clients directly. We manage client relationships, measure client satisfaction and act on results. We are proactive, respond to changes and consider the needs of our clients. We set challenging goals and targets and implement strategies to achieve them. We lodge shared values and ethical role models at all levels. We inspire and encourage people's contributions. We promote open and honest contribution.

We aim to help our clients achieve and sustain high performance at a price that meets their expectations and budget. We deliver services reliably, cost-effectively and timely. We strive to apply the best of our company's talent to help our clients. We believe that our services are built on affordability and quality. Responsibility at Systematic7 is assigned to a person sufficiently high in the organization. Single point of accountability advocates that liability for all aspects of the projects resides in a single person: The Partner Manager.




We are committed to viable acquisition program in which we consider environmental, ethical and diversity performance. We are committed to sustainability. We believe that inspired and thriving people makes a company successful. Our strategy is not only to hire the best to join Systematic7, but to develop and train the talent already associated with us. We give a lot of importance to the growth of our employees to make sure that we possess the necessary skills to carry out our strategic business aims.

Our team of experts are committed to their work, open for any discussions, consistent with their output, creative and innovative when and where required.



To accomplish something it is necessary to have a process. Many of us have lived through the nightmare of a project with no process to guide it. Due to the lack of a process come, repeated error, wasted effort, and unpredictability. Customers are dissatisfied by growing budgets, poor quality and slipping schedules. Lack of process can even make the best of team ineffective. So at Systematic7, we follow an extremely strict process to overcome such issues.

We follow the agile process which promotes sustainable development. This is sufficiently different from traditional software development. It allows our team to develop quickly and when required respond to necessary changes. The benefits of this leads to higher productivity, superior quality, reduced time-to-market and improved client satisfaction. An interactive approach allows us to know the exact requirements of our customers. This in turn also facilitates to align and maintain the business goals of our customers. We follow the rule of priority, which means the most important decisions are brought to notice and executed with high importance.

We also follow a strict development rules stable code releases and 90-100% coverage of the development codes with a constant test driven development



Our perspectives are unique and creative. This leads to put a premium on learning.

We integrate automation framework for standardization and repeatability. This conclusively reduces operational costs, increases productivity and improves application delivery. This in turn lowers the cost of deployment, improves speed, consistency and quality so that we can deliver applications using a persistent, accurate and repeatable process. Automation framework allows doing more with fewer resources and completing the tasks in shorter timeframes.

We provide the richest source of intelligence who masters current technologies and market trends. Understanding market behavior calls for more than simply tracking what is happening. It requires an understanding of why things are happening, which stuffs are driving the change and how these transformations speak for new opportunities for your business. We have a dedicated group to understand latest technologies and market trends.